Our Company is called HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES and was founded in 2003. It has its registered offices at 82, Papanikoli Ave. in Halandri (Athens) Greece.

It has 10 employees and operates in the following areas:

​Health products activity:
• Evaluation of human Metabolism - Nutrition - Exercise - Physical Rehabilitation Counseling.
• Production of high-tech ergospirometry systems (evaluation of cardiorespiratory function) with applications in cardiology, pulmonology, intensive care, preventive medicine, sports medicine and dietetics.
• Supply of medical products to patients at home (consumables, equipment, support devices and special food).
• Import of medical devices: Wound dressings and ostomy material, ECG, Holters for hospitals and clinics.

Natural products activity:
In 2011, our Company decided to start a new commercial activity: natural products. We made our first exports of "ELEE Superior Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and "ELIS SUPERIOR Extra Virgin Olive Oil" to Austria, Northern Italy and had contacts for exports to USA, Russia and China. We also schedule to export other products such as pet olives, olive oil cosmetics, herbs and wine. ​For more information about our natural products, look at the site​​

Our Company is certified by EKEVYL (Greek Notified Body for Medical Devices) for producing ergospirometry systems (EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003) and handling medical devices (DY/8D/G.P.OIK./1348/2004, EN ISO 9001:2008).





Health Technologies
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